Ways To Android Battery Last Longer

Ways To Android Battery Last Longer - seofulls - Today has been a lot of people who already know Android-based smartphones, firtur-firturnya was cool and very useful in everyday life, but in a cool firtur-firtur is there a weakness that turns because firtur stout-firtur that work on Android power was wearing was a growing number of Android smartphone that cause the batteries run out quickly.

Ways To Android Battery Last Longer

Now therefore I will try to share 10 Ways To Android Battery Durable so we do not need very often to charge the battery Android, sebagaiberikut his ways:

1. Reduce time-out screen, turn off the auto rotation, Adjust the brightness of your Android screen as if the brightness of the screen is very bright then it will take a great power.

2. Set the temperature of your Android smartphone so if you feel the heat does not overheat you saved directly in advance or should not be used until your Android temperature back to normal.

3. Turn off the connectivity like Bluetooth, Wifi, etc. when not in use, use only when needed, and if you can use a vibrate mode for notification / notification.

4. Do not use animated wallpapers, wallpapers regular use or that does not move as it will take the power from your Android baaterai.

5. If you're using a camera if you can not use a flash in a bright room.

6. If you want to wear a headset to listen to music instead of the Speaker, as the speaker takes up more resources than most of the headset.

7. Turn on airplane mode if you're in a bad signal area because we will issue a power of smartphones are great for finding signals.

8. Turn off your smartphone if it is not going to use it for a long time, do not use Android if it were in-charge, and if possible to charge your Android smartphone to be in a state of death.

9. Close the Android process running if it is not to be used again.

10. Use your smartphone to GSM mode, if you can use the 3G mode if used alone.

Perhaps so much from me about How To Android Battery Durable, thanks for mengunnjungi seofulls, may be useful :)